“Al Leong is a National Treasure”

“Know your Role is a new feature designed to shed light on those actors who go above and beyond (in order to stay in the shadows). The actors who continue to go outside of their comfort zones (as little as humanly possible). Men and women who every time you see them on camera, you already know without a shadow of a doubt who they are playing. Here at Bulletproof Action, we salute you Al Leong… for knowing what you are; the best damned Asian man with a Fu Manchu stunt man in Hollywood.

“Al Leong is a National Treasure.”

(from Know Your Role: Al Leong)

Return of The Golden Horde

Back in the mid 1990s, I started a small fan club for movie legend Al Leong called The Golden Horde. In the beginning, it was just a single page on my old web site, Throttle, and eventually it grew into a slightly larger site with a filmography and so on. Time went by, other things caught my attention, and eventually I took the site down when I changed web hosts to Dreamhost.

However, I recently learned about the Awesome Asian Bad Guys project on Kickstarter! With great actors and stuntmen like Al Leong involved, how can this be anything other than PURE AWESOME?

It is therefore time for The Golden Horde to return, to rise like a sweaty, screaming phoenix of bad-assery, punching and kicking and shooting and menacing the heroes in glorious 1980s action movie fashion. Stay tuned! As time goes on, I will write brief synopses of the various films in which Al Leong has appeared, pointing out fun facts such as who Al is menacing and how he dies.

In the meantime, support the Awesome Asian Bad Guys project!