Miller Lite commercial (1986)

The Claw

Synopsis: In the mid-1980s, there was a comedian named Joe Piscopo. After he left Saturday Night Live, he appeared in a couple of movies and he made commercials for Miller Lite beer. In one of these commercials, Joe impersonated Bruce Lee. He fought ninjas and karate dudes, and at the end Al Leong comes running out with a claw on his hand, rather like Mr. Han in Enter the Dragon. Joe punches Al and then proceeds to cut up a pizza. At the time, it was considered a harmless spoof. Nowadays, this would probably be considered racist.

Al’s Role: I have called him “The Claw”, but really, Al plays a nameless parody of Mr. Han from Enter The Dragon.

Al Dialogue: “Hyaaaaah!” (dubbed)

Al Dies: Al survives! He does lose his claw hand, though.

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