Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard (1988)


Synopsis: Al and a group of “terrorists” interrupt a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza office building to steal the contents of the safe.

Al’s Role: Al plays Uli, one of the “terrorists”. His big scene is when he breaks into a candy machine and steals a Nestle Crunch bar. Al has a pretty vital role, actually. It’s his job to place the explosives on the roof to blow the hostages to smithereens. Unfortunately, some cowboy from New York City plugs him on his way back from the roof.

Al Dialogue: Such classic lines as “You got it.” and “Move it! Come on! Let’s Go!”

Al Dies: Toward the end while returning from the roof, Al is shot by McClane (Bruce Willis).

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  1. OK
    As it turns out I have been looking for Al in every action movie I have ever seen. I always find him and see if he lasts more then 10 minutes before he’s killed. I bet this guy has had more violent deaths than anyone still walking. Al, your my age and it’s been a pleasure following your work all these years.I hope your still working.

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