Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Genghis Khan

Synopsis: Two high school dufuses (Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter) are granted the gift of a time traveling phone booth so that they can pick up historical figures for a major school report.

Al’s Role: The great Mongolian barbarian, Genghis Khan (like you didn’t know that). Yes, this movie cast Al in probably his most recognizable part ever. He does it all in this one, setting many records for his personal career. He gets to ride a skateboard, twirl a bat and kiss a girl! Way to go Al! Many people will remember him from this one because of his trademark sporting goods romp.

Al Dialogue: Grunts and Mongolian chatter.

Al Dies: In 1227 AD, after returning to his own time and trying to drown the memory of Bill and Ted in an ocean of blood (if only it were that easy!).

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