Action Jackson (1988)

Action Jackson (1988)

Dellaplane’s Chauffeur

Synopsis: A tough New York City cop (Carl Weathers) goes on a manhunt for drug dealers. (You’ll be seeing this plot again, and again, and again, and again…)

Al’s Role: The head honcho Dellaplane’s chauffeur and right hand man. He is only visible for a couple of minutes, total. First, there’s a brief closeup of him watching Craig T. Nelson as he whoops the hell out of one of his karate students. A short while later, the villain finds it necessary to shoot Sharon Stone through the gut after she has fallen for the hero. Al bursts in the door, gun in hand, to see what the trouble is.

Al Dialogue: Once the karate kid has been severely beaten, Dellaplane tells Al to take him away — thus leading to his only dialogue in the film: “Yes sir.”

Al Dies: During one of the climactic battle scenes. He only has time to show off a few martial arts tornado kicks before an extra puts several bullets in the poor guy’s chest. That’s right: he’s not even killed by a main character.

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