Awesome Asian Bad Guys made it!

Received a great email this morning from Stephen and Patrick, aka National Film Society!

This afternoon at 5:26PM, we crossed $50,000!!!!!! That’s right folks, we did it!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We cannot say “thank you” enough for believing in us and Awesome Asian Bad Guys and throwing down your money to see this project come to life! Today was simply NUTS, and we couldn’t ask for more amazingly supportive friends, family, fans and complete strangers than y’all!

Extra special thanks to actress Tamlyn Tomita and actor Yuji Okumoto for joining us for our wildly successful telethon this afternoon. We cannot wait to work with you, the other actors who have already joined our cast and even more Asian bad guys! And additional thanks to our executive producer Phil Yu, who has tirelessly helped us get the word out through his Angry Asian Man blog! Thanks, Phil!


While we are absolutely thrilled to reach our $50,000 goal, there’s still plenty of time on the clock for us to take Awesome Asian Bad Guys to even more incredible heights.

Like what kind of incredible heights? How about an Awesome Asian Bad Guys BONUS MUSICAL EPISODE?!!!!!

Now that we’ve got the funds for all 5 of our AABG episodes, we want to push hard for the one incredible scene we’ve been dreaming about this whole time – a crazy, all-out song and dance routine featuring our AABG cast members! We want to release this as a special bonus video that caps off the entire series, much like the closing musical number of Slumdog Millionaire.

We really want to make this sure to be incredible musical video happen, so we’re going to be pushing hard over our last 22 hours. If we hit $60K by our Thursday night deadline at 9pm PT, WE WILL MAKE THIS BONUS MUSICAL EPISODE!

We can’t stop now. We’ve come too far to just say we’re done. So please keep spreading the word and sharing the Kickstarter link over these last few hours!

Let’s finish strong and see if together we can make Awesome Asian Bad Guys even more epic – BOLLYWOOD STYLE!!!

Reminder, join us for our FINAL AABG TELETHON Thursday 5-9:30pm PT! Let’s close out this Kickstarter together!



Stephen & Patrick


This is fantastic! Spread the word!

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